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Maximize the Value and ROI of your Point Of Sale Software System with QuickBooks POS!

BSR, INC. shows you how!

Simply put, a Point-of-Sale system is the “place” where business is done. Until the sales transaction is conducted and processed, you haven’t closed the deal, booked the sale, or concluded business with your customer.

Traditionally, a POS was the check-out counter with a cash register and credit card payment processor. Today, Point Of Sale systems are small, portable, quick electronic transaction stations that can be operated anywhere there is an internet connection.

But like all business technology and software, POS systems vary widely, and their various functions and features can overwhelm the small business owner trying to figure out which is best for their business and why.

Protect and leverage your POS software investment!  

You want your POS software to be comprehensive and efficient to manage your online and in-store inventory, sales, and customer data. And, by including e-commerce integration into the Point-of-Sale system you choose, you’ll have the capacity to expand and grow your company while getting real-time updates on all aspects of your brick-and-mortar and/or online business.

Enter QuickBooks, Point Of Sale presented by BSR, INC.! 

Designed to sync with QuickBooks Pro, Premiere, and Enterprise, QuickBooks Point Of Sale saves you time while giving you an on-demand, accurate, current financial picture with in-depth views of all inventory counts and sales. You set it up once, and the automatic sync takes care of all the work.

Available in Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store, a QuickBooks POS Edition is just right for your business.

Look at the ways QuickBooks POS – when offered by BSR, INC. – enables you to grow as you manage everything in one place!  

E-commerce integration – Expand your sales opportunities quickly and seamlessly so you can sell through leading online channels like Shopify and Amazon. We’ll help you get started selling more products across multiple online platforms and channels.

Contactless payments – Want to offer more flexible payment options to your brick-and-mortar and online customers? Let BSR, INC. assist you in setting up your mobile and tap-to-pay options.

Ring sales – With new hardware, you’ll be gathering helpful customer data and ringing sales.

Inventory management & syncing across all channels – Get an inventory update with every sale! Imagine getting automatic inventory updates every 5 minutes, so you always know what’s in stock and when it’s time to reorder. QuickBooks POS gives you the capability, and BSR, INC. shows you how to maximize it.

Customer data management – What if your customer data synced automatically at your point of sale? With QuickBooks POS, you’ll get real-time updates in all three key areas – sales, inventory, and customer data.

How does BSR, INC. help you get the most value from QuickBooks POS?   

All types of payment methods – Accept all major debit cards, credit cards, mobile, and contactless payments like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay. With flexible plans, you can choose the best rate for your business.

Enhanced hardware – Using less in-store space, the expanded tablet options available to you speed up the checkout process while rewarding customers through loyalty programs and personalized discounts. Once integrated with QuickBooks financial software, your hardware reduces data entry and increases financial accuracy when tax time comes around.

How does BSR, INC. help you get the most value from QuickBooks POS?   

Once we clearly understand your business challenges and objectives, we work with you to identify which QuickBooks POS game-changing Editions and features are best for resolving your challenges, exceeding your goals, and growing your business. Then we work with you as you learn the features and maximize their advantages!  Including . . .  

  • Preventing overselling
  • Accessing a current view of your online and in-store sales channels
  • Identifying trends, peak sales periods, and your top sellers

Call Today! Discover why QuickBooks Point Of Sale is worth a closer look.    

BSR, INC. has been transforming business accounting software into business solutions since 1989.  By showing retail businesses how to fully utilize and strategically apply the features and functions of QuickBooks POS to their business needs and goals, we help them grow as they master this powerful POS software.

But the growth our QuickBooks POS customers experience isn’t limited to increased revenue – it’s also reflected in their increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

This is our specialization!  And we measure it by the ROI our QuickBooks POS customers capture year after year. As their businesses flourish, so does our relationship with them.

Find out how QuickBooks POS, brought to you by BSR, INC., will deliver the productivity, growth, efficiency, profitability, and ROI you’re seeking.

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Let’s talk about how and why QuickBooks POS is the right POS for your business!  

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